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Islamic International Arab Bank launches innovative solutions to finance personal needs

The Islamic International Arab Bank announced the launch of a range of new personal financing solutions that are compliant with the provisions of Islamic law to finance the medical treatment, education and travel needs.

Mr. Iyad Asali, the General Manager of the Bank said " in light of the growing demand for financial products compliant with the provisions of Islamic Shariah, and based on the bank's plan aimed to provide innovative financial solutions commensurate with the needs and aspirations of customers, the Bank has recently launched a range of new personal financial solutions under the title (my therapy, my education, and my trip).

Mr. Iyad Asali indicated that " this new package put forward to give momentum and value-added financial solutions which the bank has provided for more than fourteen years, so as to provide the opportunity for its customers to get these benefits, whereby the bank buys and owns, these benefits and then sell it to it's customers .

The new products announced by the Bank have many silent features as such the possibility of funding for up to 100% with competitive returns, in addition, "my therapy" will be available to customers in the same cash price without the addition of any returns or fees to the therapeutic invoice, with the possibility of extending benefit  to all family members and relatives of the first class.

Mr. Iyad Asali assured " the Islamic International Arab Bank we finance the medical  treatment expenses with exemption of any additions to treatment bill, I addition the education and travel financing will be repaid back at convenient intervals for all clients with  salaries transferred  to the bank".

On the other hand, Mr. Iyad Asali encouraged customers who want access to these products to transfer  their salaries to the bank to be able to take advantage of many of the benefits and financial solutions offered by the Bank.

Mr. Iyad Asali added that "The Bank will save no effort to offer more innovative  financial solutions, where we will announce soon the launch  of financial solutions catering for the  personal needs. 

Worth to mention that the bank signed number of contracts with distinguished suppliers. for medical treatment finance the bank signed contracts with Islamic Hospital , specialty hospital, and Istiklal hospital. And for education finance the bank signed agreements with Middle East University, National Ajlon University , Zarqa University . On the other hand the bank signed contracts with the sun for holidays, holidays for tourism and smart tours to finance all travel and tourism expenses. The bank will continue in expanding the suppliers network.