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Opening of new Branch NO. 35 at Abu -Nsair

With Allah almighty blessing, Islamic International Arab Bank's opened a new branch in Abu-Nsair - as part of the bank's plan and strategy to expand its branch network to reach the largest segment of customers in different locations, and by opening new branch that brings the number of bank branches in the Kingdom to the thirty-five branches .
The branch was inaugurated by the General Manager , Mr. Iyad Asali in the presence of a number of bank senior executives and a large crowd of businessmen and a number of the bank customers.
The opening of the branch came as result of the area nature due to the fact that the area it strategic and capture a high commercial activity , therefore the branch established to facilitate the transactions of the individual and commercial companies, and to provide the best banking products and services developed and consistent with the provisions of Islamic Shari'a The standard branch design are similar to all other branches that distinguish the warm relationship between the bank and its customers never the less the branch equipped with high technological equipments to serve customers in an easy and convenient atmospheres.