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Islamic International Arab Bank signs MoU with Middle East University


With the help of almighty Allah, the Islamic International Arab Bank signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Middle East University at the presidency headquarters of the university. According to the MoU, the Bank will provide education finance solutions (my education) to a large sector of the Bank's clients or their families who wish to continue their higher education in cooperation with the educational institutions accredited by the Bank in order facilitate the clients' study by means of cheap installments that meet their capabilities under a Sharia compliant mechanism.

The MoU was signed by the Islamic International Arab Bank's General Manager Mr. Iyad Al - Asali and the president of the Middle East University Professor Taleb Al Sare'a in the presence of a number of Bank's mangers and the president's deputies. Mr. Al-Asali expressed the pride of the Islamic International Arab Bank to cooperate with the Middle East University and the efforts exerted in signing this MoU as well as the persistent efforts that serve both parties. He also noted that the University is a grand educational landmark through its major role in qualifying outputs and contribution in providing the economic and development sectors with high competencies. Moreover, he wished this event to be the starting point of a new fruitful cooperation era, asserting the Bank's responsibilities toward the youth in general and university graduates in particular due to their critical role building a better tomorrow for the country and its people.