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The Islamic International Arab Bank Hosts PhD Students from the World Islamic Sciences and Education University


Based on the keenness of the Islamic International Arab Bank to support significant events in the local society and in implementation of its mission of disseminating Islamic banking, the Bank held a training course to a group of PhD students, Department of Islamic Banking at the World Islamic Sciences & Education University. The course was delivered by Mr. Ahmed AlAyadi, Professor of Economics and Islamic Banking, President of National Ajloun Private University and the Executive Member of Sharia Supervisory Board at the Bank.
At the opening of the course, Mr. Iyad AlAsali, the Director General of Islamic International Arab Bank, expressed his great pleasure for hosting PhD students from the World Islamic Sciences & Education University. He also emphasized that these events aim at communicating with the society to disseminate the ideas and principles of the Islamic economy and Islamic Banking. Mr. AlAsali also stressed the importance of such training courses to strengthen the culture of Islamic banking business among students, particularly, the procedures of Islamic finance methods at the Islamic International Arab Bank, as well as to define the legitimate bases of Islamic banking business.
On his Part, Professor Ahmed AlAyadi emphasized that this course on Islamic banks will certainly benefit the attendants as it links the theoretical aspect with the practical one. The course focused on explaining many specialized Islamic economic terms and concepts. Moreover, Professor AlAyadi expressed his great pleasure for such invitation, and thanked Director General Mr. Iyad AlAsali for providing students with this valuable opportunity to communicate with the institutions specialized in compliant Islamic banking business.
The participants expressed their satisfaction of the course level and the significant benefit achieved. The course identified the culture of Islamic banking business and discussed a number of major points related to funds in Islam and Islamic banking, including comprehensive Islamic concept of funds, usury banking, instruments of Islamic investment, concept of regular securitization, usurious tricks and applications of certain Islamic banks.