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Apartments Ijarah / for Jordanian expatriates

To own your house at your home country which will compensate the years of alienation, IIAB offers you the opportunity to achieve your desires of owning your dream house.


  • Customer share will be growing with each installment paid to become a full share in the property at the expiration of the contract
  • Finance  up to JOD 250,000
  • Finance  up to 15 years
  • Competitive rates
  • Finance up to 70% of the estimated value of the property, and can be increased under certain conditions.
  • No commissions on early settlement with the possibility of partial or total payment at every contract renewal annually
  • Free life Takaful insurance and free insurance on the property.

 Eligibility criteria

  • Jordanian expatriates working abroad

Minimum salary

  • Equivalent of JOD 1,500

Required documents

  • Bank statement for the last 6 months indicating salary transfer
  • Proof of residence in the country.
  • Copy of the work contract
  • Copy of passport

Documents relating to the property

  • Copy of  title to the property
  • Copy of cadastral map.
  • Copy of zoning map.
  • Devolution Certificate

For more informationn
Visit any of our branches through Jordan, or contact Arabi Islami Contact Center at  5003300 or toll-free 08002224, or email us on info@iiabank.com.jo