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Safe Deposit Boxes

IIAB provides you a solution to keep your precious belongings in safe deposit boxes under our control and only accessible by you. This safe deposit boxes rented for annual fees depends on size of box.              

Safe deposit boxes sizes and annual fees:


Deposit amounts  Fees   Box Sizes
300JD deposit 80JD annual   Small Box
450JD deposit 150JD annual  Medium Box
500JD deposit 160JD annual  Medium Large box
550JD deposit 180JD annual  Large box
600JD deposit 200JD annual  Extra Large box


Fax  Phone   Address   Branch
06/5675802 06/5694623 Wasfi Tall St. Bldg.20 Gardens
06/5657761 06/5657760 Hifa St. Bldg.3 Jabal Al Hussein
06/5856160 06/5826669 Sufian Al-Thawri St Al Swefeyeh
06/5238310 06/5238390 Near First Applied Circle Abu Nseir
06/5819478 06/5813600  Main St. Bldg.47 Bayader Wadi Al Seir
06/4885355 06/4886650 King Abdallah St.– Bldg.457 Marka
05/3989096 05/3989094 26 Abdulmunim Riyadh St.–Al Shuwam Avenue Al Zarqa
02/7276904 02/7276587 Al-Hosun St. – Al Nozha Avenue Irbid


For more information

  • Visit any of our branches throughout Jordan.
  • or contact Arabi Islami Contact Center at  5003300 or toll-free 08002224.
  • or email us on info@iiabank.com.jo