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Phone Banking

Always Connected  – 06-5679595

Phone Banking service is a featured service offered by Islamic International Arab Bank which enables you to communicate with your bank accounts and complete your banking transactions, in addition to getting information about the  Bank's products and services while you are sitting at home or at work . To access this service, you have to be one of the bank's clients and subscribed to this free service.

Phone Banking service offers the following services:

1- Customer Services:

  • Querying about summaries of your accounts and balances (voice, fax, e-mail).

  • Querying about a specific account balance.

  • Querying about the last 5 or 10 movements made to your account through the  phone, or the last 10 or 15 movements through fax and e-mail.

  • Querying about your financings.

  • Requesting account statement.

  • Requesting Cheque Book.

  • Transfer between your accounts (internal transfer) or to other clients' accounts in the bank (external transfer).

  • Changing your PIN (the one for financial services or non-financial services).

2- General Services:

  • Querying about the Bank’s facilities and products.

  • Querying about any general information related to the Bank such as branches numbers, phone numbers, exchange rates, and any other ads.

Guidelines for financial transfer between accounts:

  • The maximum amount that you can transfer between your accounts or from your account to another client's account is JD (2000) per day or its equivalent in US dollars.

  • Remittance service is only available for current accounts and savings accounts.

  • Remittance service between accounts which are in different currencies is available only for JD’s and USD’s.

  • When you enter the amount to be transferred, enter it from left to right followed by (*).

  • If you have more than one account of the same type (e.g. you have 3 current accounts in Jordanian Dinars) you will be asked to specify the sequence of the accounts.

Call the number of the Phone Banking Service 06- 5679595