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SMS Service

Islamic International Arab Bank offers the SMS banking service which is an advanced e-banking service offered around the clock to meet your needs and manage your banking transactions without visiting  the bank. This service provides you with the information about your accounts at the same time of posting any of your banking operations in a safe and secure manner. Through SMS via your cell phone, which will keep you in touch with your account balance, your salary, your funds, withdrawals and other banking transactions that affect your accounts as per your request.


When you subscribe to the SMS service, you can benefit from the following services:


1-    SMS at your request (Pull Services) :


If you're a subscriber of SMS service, you can query for one of the services listed below upon your request by sending a message showing the operation code, account number which consists of 13-number and the PIN of the Phone Bank which consists of 4 digits and send it to the following numbers :


Zain : 92040

Orange: 0777069263



The following are the services of SMS at your request (Pull Services) :

•       Querying about your balance.

•       Querying about the last three transactions.

•       Querying about FX rates.

•       Sending a help request SMS

•       Run SMS Service

•       Hold SMS Service


2-    Messages sent after a certain transactions on your account (Push Services):


These are the SMSs that the Bank sends you automatically when one of the following banking operations occur:


•       Withdrawing a cheque

•       Not cashing a cheque

•       Collecting a check on the account

•       Failure to collect a check

•       Depositing salary

•       Insufficient balance

•       Due deferred deposits

•       Incoming transfer.

•       ATM Transactions.

•       Cash withdrawing (Visa Card)

•       Purchasing by Visa

•       ATM transfer

•       Phone Bank transfer.

•       Exceeding the balance.

•       Cash Deposit

•       Cash withdrawal

3- Timed SMS :

These are the messages sent periodically upon the client’s request (daily, weekly, monthly). This service is just for the following three messages:   

·         Account Balance.

·         The last 3 transactions.

·         FX Rates.